The Wedding Adventures of Oak and Willow



Meet Oak and Willow. This lovely couple have decided to renew their vows after 30 years together and will be traveling around looking at beautiful places and venues to hold their ceremony. 

They’ll be posing for pictures in their favourite spots and sharing them with you. If you have a space that you love and would like to have them check it out, please leave a comment below or go to the Facebook page and share YOUR pics. 

They would love some New Hampshire locations to visit, but are also looking forward to seeing photos of where YOU guys got married, so they can steal borrow your ideas. 

Wedding Event – Londonderry, NH – September 7th 2014

I’ll be spending some time at a lovely event in Londonderry hosted by the fabulous Harrington Flowers – come along and see me and book your wedding event. Or just chat and ask for advice on your wedding ceremony planning. Check out the event page on Facebook



The Wedding Circle


I’ve seen a  lot of interest in having a spiral or circle layout for your wedding ceremony. I think it’s a fab idea, particularly for those who have issues with ‘sides’ in seating. This is ideal for the wedding where one person has way more friends and family than the other. It’s very mingled and also affords a great view of the ceremony. If done well, this can be perfect. I’ve had experiences where it has not worked quite as well as I would have liked. Here’s what to watch out for.

Full circle or spiral seating layout.

Issue – Guests have to file into place one by one and tend to leave gaps of one seat between groups. No-one can get to that seat without the ‘move one down please’ shuffle. 

Issue – Someone in the middle suddenly needs the bathroom. They are stuck, cinema seating style, having to get past everyone to get out. Not too bad when they are seated only a short time, but in some cases they can be out there for 30 minutes to an hour. 

Issue – The elderly can’t always walk that distance to work their way down to see their Grandchildren get married. 

Issue- People will take out chairs to short cut to their group or party and bypass the filing into place.

Issue – Someone is behind the Officiant. [ I heard one camera person saying ‘get out the way Rev’ while they were trying to take pics] Not conducive to good photos and of course they cannot see YOU getting married. In the picture above there is really no place for the officiant to stand without obstructing the view and people will get frustrated. 

The Solution - It works really well if you leave a gap [as in the picture below] so that the officiant will have no-one behind them. This allows everyone to see you and also makes allowances for people rushing into their seats at the last moment, or needing to get up and move, without disrupting everyone else.

You need processional space of a sufficient width to allow you all to get down the aisle without cramping your style or your dress. The gap behind the officiant needs only to be one chair wide to fix all the aforementioned issues. If you are having a chuppah, try making four arc sections instead of the full circle. You get the same feel, but no one gets a chuppah leg in their view. 

I do love this layout for many reasons, but please be aware of how important it is to your guests to both see and hear your ceremony. 


wedding circle

The Red Hook Brewery

I love venues that have an alternate business other than weddings. The Red Hook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH is an absolutely ideal place to have your fun event. [They paid me nothing to say that, but I would be open to some yummy free beers. *grin*] Dustin and Brianne contacted me over a year ago to have me officiate at their wedding and suddenly my husband was interested in coming along to keep me company. Hmmm. 

A straight run from Nashua, it’s really easy to get to and has lots of parking. Also beer. I’ve got lots of pics to post later once I sort through them. Mostly of the space as I was somewhat busy at the ceremony. Ryan, the co-ordinator was young, personable and very capable. A pleasure to work with. He had the rehearsal under control and made my part very easy.

Meanwhile, my husband was down in the restaurant with a bratwurst and beer combo. Big smile on his face. We did the brewery tour which costs 5 bucks, and you get samples and a free beer glass. It’s a very short tour but what it lacks in visuals, is more than made up for by the tour guide [forgot his name, sorry Mr Tour Guide ] who leads you through history to the present day and explains everything with much enthusiasm. Then there were beer samples. 

Next day, I drove back alone for the wedding and it was a beautiful day. The rain held off just long enough for my radiant bride to walk to her joyful groom. My favourite moment is when the groom sees his bride and their eyes just simply light up. THAT is what I wait for each time. You can feel that energy from across the room. Dustin was no exception. i don’t think his eyes could have been any brighter or his love any stronger. Ahhhhhhh. Deep breath from me, and then on with the ceremony. Life is good. 

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In December I completed a dress for a customer who’s wedding was just before Christmas. Lynn Chose to have the Evelyn style dress in wine red with silver detailing. I mentioned that I would be posting some more photos of the dress so here they are with some more details:

 WineRed wedding Dress

Evelyn in wine red – front view

The dress was made in wine crepe backed satin with the matt side outward facing, with matching wine chiffon for the sleeves and skirt overlayers.Evelyn inWine  Red - Back view

The detailing on the dress which consists of embroidered motifs, leaves and beading with swarovski crystals was done in a warm silver shade with some deep red beads included on the skirt and the strings of beads over the upper arms.

Eveyln Detail

Eveyln Detail

The train on the dress is aproximately 2 feet long and the skirt shape is supported by netting layers.

Evelyn in Red - Side view

Evelyn in Red – Side view

I also made…

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