Keeping the rings safe…

The rings should be either on the Ring bearer’s pillow or in the custody of the Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor. If carried by the two “best people,” the Best Man should carry the Bride’s ring on his little finger, and the Maid of Honor should carry the Groom’s ring on her index finger or thumb. Don’t let the Best Man put the ring in any pocket. Don’t have either one of them carry the ring in a bag or box. Pockets, bags & boxes increase the chances for dropping and/or losing the ring. Of every 10 rings misplaced or lost at wedding time, 8 have been lost by the Maid of Honor. She has a big ring you have asked her to put on her relatively small finger. For Maid of Honor and Best Man, have them put the ring on a finger, and then curl their fingers. Then the ring isn’t going anywhere. If rings are on the Ring bearer’s pillow, the Best Man will remove them and give them to the Officiant one at a time with the Bride’s ring first; or deliver both at the same time, at the option of the Officiant.

Remember that if you are to have small children carrying the rings for you, practice is the key. They will not always understand that they have to give up the rings, especially as they were probably instructed to guard them carefully!
If you think the child will have difficulty, have the best man keep the real rings in his pocket and the child can carry dummy rings to relinquish to the officiant/best man as desired.
You don’t want them upset, and it’s very stressful to be centre stage at a tender age.
Decide whether you are removing the rings from the pillow, or taking the whole pillow, because you need to know where you are going to put it once you have it. Small things are often overlooked in the arrangements.


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