Booking a wedding..

I’m not sure what makes a couple choose one officiant over another. Cost is certainly a factor. Personality is another. I have heard many officiants remark that they have contact with large amounts of couples who are seeking the perfect person to help with their wedding, but they don’t seem to get the bookings.

Word of mouth is the out and out best way to get bookings. Brides in particular are open to suggestions from friends who got married and were happy with their officiant. The grooms tend to be not so worried about the person conducting the ceremony.  I had more inquiries to date last year than this year, but this year they are 99% booking. Whereas last year it was only 25%, which by the way, is an excellent turnaround rate for booking.

Active marketing is essential and there’s a great blog out there called ‘Rev it up’ for those who need marketing tips and pointers to increase their businesses. [] the have many strategies for getting you noticed and also for providing  a better service to your couples. Taking the stress out of their day is what it’s all about. let’s make it easy for them!


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