The importance of contracts…

How many times have you had an elated couple contact you, decide that you are indeed ‘the one’ and never hear from them again? If you are like me and depend a lot on the internet for efficient and documented contact, you can run into ’email silence’. This week alone I have had two brides who talked effusively on the telephone, one had the contract ‘in her hand, all signed’ , the other was ‘so excited to have found me’. And now? They dropped off the face of the Earth.

It is vital to get the contract signed, the deposit paid and all the loose ends tied up as soon as possible. The smooth running of your weddings depends upon it. Now I cannot freely take another booking on those dates until I hear from the brides, and so it ties me up. I would hate to book someone else and then have the bride expect me to be available, so I have to get tough. No deposit, no contract = no booking.

I worry about those brides…do they think they booked me? Will they easily get another officiant if I am not available…what to do, what to do?  The reality. Contact. Send Emails, call their phones and leave messages. I politely inform them that I have another inquiry for that date, and could they please let me know if I am now free to take that booking or if I am still needed for their own ceremony. If I have no reply to 3 contacts, I consider myself free to book.

For the couples, please be efficient in your requests and make sure that communication with your officiant is clear and honest. If you found another officiant you prefer. Then please cancel your request with the first one.  It really is the well mannered way to proceed and the offficiant will certainly respect your considerations.


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