A happy event…

Last night I received a phone call from a person I had not seen in over a year. Last I heard, his wife had left him whilst he was in Australia on business, he came home to a cleaned out apartment. No-one was more shocked than he, as he had no inkling of impending doom in what seemed to be the ideal relationship. Now he has become engaged to a fantastic woman and they were trying to arrange a marriage. She of course, wanted the spiritual side of their romance to be celebrated along with the legal requirements. Yet again local ministers would not perform the ceremony as he is a divorced person. Here’s where I step in. I love helping those people that other groups turn away. It wasn’t his fault he got divorced, so why should he be penalized and not able to provide his new bride with her dream wedding.

He called me and said ‘I told my fiancee, there is ONE minister I know who won’t give us a judgmental decision, but who will celebrate the fact that we found each other’ What a compliment! I immediately agreed to officiate their wedding, and I am honoured to be asked.  I am so happy for him that he found new love and can move on from his bad experience.


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