Sand Ceremonies…

Another version of two or more uniting into another single form, I often use sand ceremonies to join a couple in marriage who already have children of their own or from previous marriages. It’s a beautiful touch, because, not only am I joining the couple in marriage, but also creating a connected family unit.

One wedding that I performed at a beach included three children of various ages and nationalities. We had the rings for the vows, but prior to that we had the three children as attendants and had them pour sands of differing colours into one larger container. Each child performed their role with solemn dignity rarely seen in such young people and felt much more a part of this change in their lives. Rather than having a marriage presented as a fait accomplis, they were there when it happened, and their participation counted.

The family and friends who witnessed this ceremony had never seen a sand ceremony before. They said it was extremely touching and emotional charged for them to watch and they also noticed how the children felt about it.

Another ceremony that I officiated in a ‘backyard’ setting, was extremely informal. a couple who had three children and had been in a committed relationship for many years, just wanted the legal ceremony. They were on a limited budget, so a sand ceremony was ideal for them. No flowers, attendants or special things, just this family vowing to support each other. It was lovely. The children were sweet, and the older boy helped his baby sister with her part. He mentioned that her sand was magickal and came from the moon [the colour made him think this] and now their whole family was magic in his eyes.

I highly recommend this type of ceremony for blended families as it is a symbol of unity. And outdoor weddings especially benefit from this as candles can be difficult to work with.

If you aren’t familiar with sand ceremonies  you can check it out on my webpage.


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