Sleep…the final frontier…

One of the things I have been told most often by my brides is that stress robs them of their rest time. It’s a bit of a catch 22, because the less they sleep, the more they worry and the more they worry, the less they sleep.

One bride to be can no longer wear her hair down as most of it is falling out! There’s so much to organize and then you are supposed to look your best ever, for the pictures. Tough call.

There are ways to cut down on the stress. Even for those who cannot hire professionals to do it for them.

Delegate –  it’s hard to do, but ask another person to take responsibility for one of the tasks, like the limo hire or the flowers. Then trust them completely. No second guessing. If you chose them to do it, there was a trust there already and you have to stay true to that. Ask them to have it all done by a certain date, tell them your budget and requirements and have them make a file. When it’s all done, they simply hand you the file. Task completed. Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, best friends…rope them in.

Eat Well –  Fruit and veggies are your best friends. Take a vitamin supplement. Your B vitamins control your nervous system and can calm your nerves. The ACE antioxidants will help you look better and your skin will thank you. C will also keep you well. Take a fish oil capsule before you go to bed at night for clear thinking processes.

Drink Water –  Not only will skin and hair shine, but you will lose weight too. Lots and lots of water. Not the 300 calories a bottle kind, but good old fashioned plain H2O.

Give it up – If you can’t have it, let it go. No shade of peach just right, get the other one. No sky blue limo? Get the white one. No fuschia victorian lace gowns? Get the other ones. Too much moula for the room you wanted? Find somewhere else. Do NOT create problems where there are none.

Relax –  meditation, massages, bubble baths, drinking chamomile tea. Whatever it takes, do it once a week. No excuses.


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