The basics….before you start..

There are a few basic requirements that are often overlooked but they will crop up during the event planning. Be prepared by having all the information at hand and neatly filed and accessible.
Legalities. Is your union legal? Check state laws. Are same sex unions legal. What are blood test and physical requirements? Are there time restrictions for filing? Are there restrictions for divorced couples in the timing? When do I report my name change? What information and legal documentation do I need to provide when applying for my license? Am I old enough? Am  related to my partner too closely?
Religious requirements. If a religious ceremony you need to find out if you meet all the criteria for the ceremony. Some churches require premarital counseling. Some do not allow divorced couples to marry. Some will not officiate at an outdoor venue. Find out, and make alternate arrangements if necessary. Interfaith ministers and officiants will perform religious ceremonies in a manner consistent with your spiritual needs rather than the dogma of your faith.
Destination weddings. Check the legal requirements of the country or state that you are getting married in. They may differ tremendously from your own. Is the marriage considered legal in your home country if performed there? \
Marrying a foreign national. Is this legal? Do I have all my documentation in place? Will my spouse have to leave and apply for immigration documentation or can they stay and file here?
Prenuptial agreements. Do I need one? Should I talk to a lawyer? Why are they used? If you have family inheritance or assets that you do not want to lose for you family in the event of a divorce or death of your spouse, get a prenuptial agreement. This is essential in the case of family assets, as the family of you intended spouse will also have claims to them in certain circumstances. Often used to protect children from a first marriage.


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