The wedding night…

So it’s your wedding night, you know what is supposed to happen. But does it? Probably not. The day has been exhausting and all you want to do is climb into bed, snuggle up and celebrate in the traditional fashion. Trouble is, you are so tired that you fall on your face on the bed and start snoring.

Unless you have followed a traditional route to your marriage bed, the likelihood of having a good sexual relationship is very high. So, falling asleep on your wedding night is not such a big deal. For those people I suggest a Honeymoon Morning instead. Nothing to say that you have to perform athletic sex on the night when you can sleep in late and spend all the next day making up for it.

For those cultures that have traditions concerning the marriage bed, there is no option. What must be done, must be done, tired or not.

I am a big fan of Kama Sutra Products. They are romantic and gentle and if used correctly can wake up the most tired individual from lethargic to passionate in a very short time. Sex should not be obligatory on your wedding night. But if you want to stay traditional and just don’t have the wherewithal, I suggest these products. One of the best is the Honey Dust. It comes as an edible powder with a feather applicator. It’s impossible not to relax and drift away. It used to be available in just the honey flavour, but I notice that now it has many others that smell and taste great.

For those who want to celebrate in style, I suggest the lovers paintbox or the bedtime fact any of the gift sets are great, with bedside sized collections of sensual products. Brides should leave the box on the pillow and see what he comes up with.

A great gift from the wedding party to the couple or a fun addition and perfect ending to your day. Get them at


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