Make it unique…

It’s tough to know how to plan your wedding and make it different from all the others in your family and friends experiences. We all know how much people LOVE another wedding…LOL

The best way to do this is to have a theme to your wedding. But, remember, all or nothing. A half assed attempt at a theme is worse than no theme at all.

I am in process of working with a couple who have a wedding planner to organize their event. This makes me very happy. It leaves me free to be original with the ceremony without the logistics rearing their ugly head. This particular wedding is a backyard one with a picnic/bohemian theme. The bride has a spritually free background and wanted more than just ‘stand up’ ‘say this’ vows.

I came up with the idea that I should be a ‘fortune teller’ and pull tarot cards, each having a line of their vows…for example ‘the lovers’….’do you promise to love, care, respect etc’….’the tower’….’do you promise to shelter each other in times of trouble…etc’ Use your imagination. It doesn’t take much to raise your wedding into peoples memories for all the right reasons.


2 thoughts on “Make it unique…

  1. Just wanted to say that this is really a great idea. I look forward to seeing how well it was received, or even if you did do it.

  2. it’s in august…so watch this space, definitely going to go ahead with it….I’ll let you know the ups and downs of pulling it off as a dramatic moment…LOL thanks for your comment

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