Using a program…

Not all couples like to include a program of their ceremony and wedding day, but it really does add a nice touch and helps your guests keep up with what is happening and when.

They can be printed professionally or even made by the couple themselves on a good word manipulating software….I would use a brochure template…that way you can add photos and little tidbits of information. HP and Microsoft are among providers who have templates for free download on their websites. Avery printing products also provide some that will match their stationery and printer supplies to make it even easier for you. Most templates have mock layouts and you can just replace items with your own information.

Things to include…

Obviously the first page should announce the couples names, the venue, the date and all the relevant celebratory designs.  Then identify the officiant, the members of the wedding party, parents of the couple and anyone taking part in the ceremony or readings etc.

It’s also a nice touch to include a list of the music being used for the ceremony, and their traditional usage. If small rituals such as candles or sand ceremonies are included, a brief explanation of the symbolism is informative and memorable.

You can even include a copy of readings or vows in the program, it’s completely up to you.

Have them given out by ushers or leave them in an ‘help yourself’ container, such as a box or basket by the entrance.

If there are parts of the ceremony that all the guests take part in, the program is an ideal spot to have them informed, prepped and aware of the timing and expectations.

Like all parts of your special day, it is totally dependent upon your taste, your theme, your budget and your creativity. If you need any help or advice about creating a program outline contact me. I’ll be glad to help.


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