Budget considerations………..

When planning your wedding it is not surprising that the budget is the most worrying part. Everything seems so expensive and planning where the money is best spent can be a very stressful experience.

If you are lucky enough to have no budget restraints, then I suggest hiring a planner, have them do all the hard work, and just pay the bills. That has to be the most stress free way to get married, ever. In these cases the most troublesome issue is probably the papparazzi.

For the rest of the world, budget constraints give the most headaches. So, what can you expect?

First things first, who is paying for what? Get this signed and sealed before you even start. Make a list of what you need, number of guests, special needs etc and get ready to get quotes.

For a formal wedding the majority of your budget is going to be spent on reception fees. The venue, the seating, the food, etc. etc. Factor in about 60-70% of your budget costs here. If quality is an issue, consider reducing the number of guests. If family party is your priority, consider a less renowned or more unique location. For example, one couple took their entire party for a picnic in the park…baskets were given to each guest, and the costs were halved.

Bear in mind that the reception needs a certain layout for the traditional parts of the wedding, speeches, dances etc. So it’s not always possible to cut the venue down to just a restaurant…but it’s your day. If you don’t want the rigmarole, then don’t have it..get married, relax, enjoy the company of those you love on your special day. Families with many children between them, would be better off having a bouncy castle for all the children, and a pizza menu. A decorated space for the adults to relax and celebrate, and everyone will be happy. What child will relate the ‘fabulous’ wedding they went to, when they were told to sit, be quiet, eat the food it’s good for you, and listen to the adults pontificate. Tailor the event to your guests. My last beach wedding was wonderful, all the guests went swimming and then boating, and the reception was on a lawn with BBQ grills going. Don’t get me wrong, all the food being cooked was very high quality, from steaks and lobster to the champagne and strawberries. The couple spent wisely. For the guests the special treat was the fact that they had about 15 wedding cakes from a gourmet bakery, and cookies with real lavender flowers baked in. I have rarely seen a wedding where absolutely everyone was catered to with such ease. It was a true celebration.

The Dress……..[coming soon]


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