Wedding in Lynch Park…

I’m pretty excited right now as I have a wedding this weekend in a park in Beverly, MA. Very pretty location with a rose garden and great views.

Go here for more information on Lynch Park.

This couple were extremely easy to get along with. The vows only took 3 revisions and were well received. I like park weddings when the ceremony is in a set place, such as this rose garden. The space is well defined and easy to locate. It’s impossible to have bad photos [even the bad ones look good], even if it rains…the natural beauty of the setting leads to a very relaxed ceremony. The guests are free to move around if they have to, and small children don’t feel so confined.

The weather forecast says there’s 30% chance of precipitation, so my trust brolly gets to go with me. The good thing about a robe is that I can layer up underneath it and it still looks the same. Bad’s black and in the height of summer, I bake.

The rehearsal is on Saturday, with a dinner afterwards at the Victoria Station in Salem, MA. I love that place. Their salad bar is excellent! The wedding is on Sunday. I don’t usually stay for the reception. Several reasons; one thing is that I don’t see why the couple should have to pay for another person at an event that is already expensive, sometimes two people if my husband is driving me. The second is that I am a relative stranger to most of the couples, having met and corresponded only on the subject of their ceremony. It just doesn’t feel right to include myself into a personal celebration. The exception to this are of course buffet lunches, and beach weddings. If it’s a free for all style reception, I will stay as invited for a little while. To hear the speeches etc. The high point of my day is the ‘you may kiss the bride’ part…when the couple breathes that huge sigh of relief and get ready for the hugs. I like to leave on a high note.

Oh..on that note…for those planning your wedding and parking etc. Please make sure no-one blocks in the officiants vehicle. Many times I have had to interrupt a song at the reception to have an announcement made to move cars to let me out…now I put a sign on my vehicle ‘Minister – Do NOT block in’ It makes sense that everyone else is staying longer than me, but I am one of the first to arrive.


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