Two days….

The countdown begins. What are things that I have to organize today?

Well, my robe is cleaned and hanging in a protective bag. My shoes are cleaned and in their protective bag. My spare shoes are cleaned, and my third pair for muddy conditions are packed also. Pants and shirt are ready. I will, of course check these about 50 times before the wedding.

The vows are printed and placed in my book for the ceremony. My music stand is ready and decorated for the outdoor wedding [i use it as a bookholder], my PA system has fresh batteries and is set for the approximate sound quality to save time at the rehearsal.

My suit and shoes are ready for the rehearsal. Not too formal as it helps people relax if I am a little casual, but formal enough that I can get their attention and have them listen to me on such an exciting occasion.

The mapquest directions are printed and in a file along with copies of all the conversations that we have ever had. Drafts of other vows are included to allow for last minute changes if needed. PDA is loaded with examples of vows.

Contact numbers and cell information of the bride, groom and a third person at the wedding are printed and in the file. Everything has two copies stored separately in my Palm and on paper..double indemnity.

Umbrella, pins, pens, glue, first aid kit, Tide pen, tissues, aspirin, bottles of water? Check.

Digital camera, several sets of batteries, packed and easy to get to. Fanny pack for storing said items under robe.

Bug spray, hair products, mirror, spare ring pillow, white ribbons, candles, matches, hmmm…am I forgetting anything?

Decorative wedding certificate, after wedding instruction letter, printed decorative copy of vows. License information, copy of contract, I think that does it…

Who said it only takes 20 minutes to perform a wedding? Phew!


3 thoughts on “Two days….

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  3. Double ring ceremonies involve the giving of a ring to both the bride and the groom. Originally the ring was given only to the bride. Engagement rings were traditionally given in symbolic fashion to represent the intention to ‘purchase’ the bride. Girls were often seen to belong to the father and were a good source of labour and income for the family. If a man wanted a girl, he would ‘kidnap’ her. To stop this happening, the idea of a ‘deposit’ of the ring was initiated. This saved much bloodshed.
    In later times the rings came to stand for commitment to each other and an outward symbol to others that you were involved in a relationship ‘spoken for’, and out of bounds.
    These days almost all couples exchange rings to signify their unbroken circle of love.

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