One day to go….

Last night my bride tells me that she’s worried. she just found out that a national charity is holding their sponsored walk at her wedding location and the walk is scheduled to end only 2 hours prior to her ceremony. Yes, that would worry ME too…and it does a little. But not for the same reasons as the bride. Obviously at her end there is the worry of milling sports walkers spoiling all her hard planned logistics. Taking up the space that her guest need, and of course parking. Let’s hope that all the stragglers are located away from the area that we need. We won’t let her day be spoiled.

My worry is that I now have to add extra time to my travel arrangements. I know that it will take me longer than the expected 1¼ hours to get there. Now we have increased my input time to about 4-5 hours for that day. Add that to the 3-4 hours for the rehearsal, and the 4 hours for vows, contact etc..I’m up to 13 hours of input. Hourly rate of less than 20 dollars. And that includes the fuel I have to purchase…takes me down to less than 15 per hour. I don’t mind…because I love to do weddings. But I’m just providing another example of why it costs what it costs to hire an officiant.


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