The wedding…

Oh thank goodness! The bride was radiant, the groom as charming as ever, the groomsmen delightful to spend time with at the altar. Beautiful, beautiful people.

I deliberately stayed away from the throng, to avoid a repeat of the mass input of the rehearsal. Several of the guests sought me out, and asked questions, but anything presented with good manners is always accepted. The were all good questions, and hopefully helped by my answers.

I told the groom when to view his bride, and asked him what he had done to deserve such a beautiful woman, it must have been something really good.

His face glowed with pride and love as she walked towards us..the bridesmaids had tears for her beauty, and they were well deserved.

The rain stayed away even thought the clouds darkened the sky. The ocean boiled, and the wind whipped up…but still the raindrops dared not fall on the beauty of this bride.

Regardless of the stresses involved, it was truly an honour to be present at this occasion. This is what this job is all about…


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