The rehearsal at Harris Pelham Inn…

What a great day! the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the location was spectacular. This wedding has a planner, thank goodness, so she had the hard task of organizing people into their correct spots.

The wedding party were full of high spirits and had a great sense of fun. This di help alleviate some of the stress being felt by the bride. She was very very nervous. She is convinced that she won’t make it through the vows..she will…I’ll make sure of it.

There will be lots of tissues needed though.

The Harris Pelham Inn is stunning, truly stunning. The simple elegance of the interior is beautifully enhanced by green lawns and a lake as a backdrop. This particular wedding is outdoors in the pergola, so it has added beauty from all the greenery and the flowers.

The dragonflies were buzzing our heads as we discussed the days events and plans for tomorrow. They have always been considered lucky and I took them as a good sign to the couple. I love officiating at the weddings of second or third time around couples, they certainly know what to appreciate about their new spouse. It’s a totally different feel than the excitement of a first wedding. No less exciting, but somehow more deep and thoughtful. If the excitement of a first timer is a flame, then I would equate the excitement of the second or third timer as a smoldering red coal.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.


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