Gearing up for 2009

So the season is now beginning. I’ve had lots of inquiries about weddings but mostly they seem to be a couple of years away. It does seem to be normal that I get booking a couple of years in advance, which sometimes can be difficult to price. On one memorable event I had moved away from the area and ended up driving 200 miles to perform a 50 dollar ceremony! As you can imagine, it cost me more than I made, but the commitment had been made to this couple and was kept. It was a sweet little wedding and i am happy that I kept the booking.
This year I do have a handfasting with a sand ceremony booked for the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH. It’s a stunning location and I have been looking forward to this all year.
Everyone seems to be having difficulties making ends meet in this economy. My suggestion is to keep things as simple as you can. Gifts should be of a more practical nature and maybe those 50 dollar favours can be downgraded to the 5 dollar ones. Of course the other option is to plan way further in advance and that gives you much more time to gather resources and lock in prices. Don’t be too proud to accept help from family and friends. Have a home wedding with a caterer from a local deli or eatery for a much cheaper price than renting a venue and having formal dining. Buffet hot plates work really well and you can have staff serve the guests if you don’t want the buffet experience. Contact a local catering college and see if they have students interested in earning some money as cooks or wait staff. It’s good for them and it’s great for you.
In New England there are a lot of little chapels anc churches that can be rented for the ceremony at very reasonable prices, so you can have your great photographs and your still go back to your home catered reception. Be creative. Have fun. Get married!


One thought on “Gearing up for 2009

  1. Sand ceremonies are so popular today and a great, budget friendly solution to add some style to the wedding ceremony. We see more and more blended families use the unity sand ceremony for a true ‘blending’ of families. Over 70 trend forward sand colors (including metallics) are offered at as well as nice glass ware options. A simple sand ceremony can cost around $35.

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