Who pays for what?

From the tarot card wedding

From the tarot card wedding

Often the question if posed to me about who pays for what in a wedding. These days couples tend to cover the costs themselves or in collaboration with family but the following is a list of the traditional expectations for those who want a little guidance.

You and/or your family

  • Invitations and announcements
  • Engagement party
  • Flowers for ceremony and reception
  • Musicians and/or entertainment
  • Groom’s gift
  • Groom’s wedding ring
  • Gifts for bride’s attendants
  • Attendants party
  • Medical exam and blood test where needed
  • Thank you notes
  • Wedding gift book
  • Wedding guest book
  • Wedding dress, veil and accessories, trousseau
  • Rental fee for site and all gratuities
  • Rental of aisle runner, ribbons, canopy, tent or other accessories
  • All photography
  • Lodging for bridesmaids
  • Transportation for wedding party
  • All reception expenses
  • Rehearsal party
  • Bridal consultant’s fee
  • Valet parking services

Groom and/or his family

  • Engagement and wedding rings
  • Medical exam and blood test where needed
  • Marriage license
  • Officiant’s fee
  • Gifts for groom’s attendants
  • Flowers for bride, bridal party, mothers, grandmothers and honoured guests
  • Boutonnieres for groom’s attendants
  • His wedding attire
  • Lodging for ushers
  • Honeymoon


  • Travel expenses
  • Wedding attire
  • Parties or entertainment for the couple



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