Tomorrows wedding

I was getting pretty excited about tomorrow because the couple had a sweet little ceremony planned and it’s a short wedding, minimal fuss. The exciting part was that the groom had secretly bought wedding rings that the bride had wanted but thought they could not afford. We had planned a segment of wedding drama where I was to ‘accidentally’ ask for the rings and the bride would be surprised by three men running up with rings and the last to arrive would have hers.
The ceremony is planned, printed and bound in the keepsake book with ribbons and two little gold rings, that I present to the couple once I have read from it at the wedding. It’s not going to happen.
Email arrived this morning from the groom saying he gave in and didn’t want to stress his bride on her wedding day and has presented her with the ring. Pity, I was looking forward to that. Too late to change the booklet though. So now I have to sketch out some pages with the amended ceremony and clip them to the original, so that they will have both the planned one, and the one we are now celebrating. My cut off for ceremony changes is 7 days, or updates at rehearsal. I do always make exceptions when things like this crop up. Last minute nerves make for interesting days before the actual event. My main worry is that I have prepped for this event and if I don’t attach the new sheet, I’ll go ahead and say the old format. Gotta make sure THAT doesn’t happen.
Checklist for today – steam clean Robe. Polish shoes. Double check ceremony and amendments. Sound check PA system. Pack emergency bag with candles, matches, pins, ring pillow, tissues, fake rings, snacks, water, and pens. Grooming of me and prep of outfit. That should do it. Oh, and Google the venue again to see if there have been any changes or if there are events in the area that might change my travel times.
All set!


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