Kelley and Michelle

I was lucky enough to be contacted back in February by a great couple who I then proceeded to meet at my favourite Panera for tea. We had a nice long interesting chat and got along really well. The big family wedding was then booked for September.

I have never worked with such laid back people. They said ‘write us something’ so I did. The viewed it and only made two changes to the text, to include personal references that their family would enjoy sharing. In the middle of all this excitement they were actually working on their house construction project. My first visit to view the area where the wedding was to take place in their back yard, was enhanced by home made coffee cake and Tetley British Blend Tea. Just as well. we were looking at the stunning back yard, which at that point was a big marsh. The rain had been coming down steadily for days and there was simply no grass. Just mud. Add in the construction work and you can see why they needed an expert eye on the plot.

The space was perfect, and we had a couple of months to go, so I was not worried. I kept a close eye on FaceBook for accounts of the construction progress and watched as a beautiful home was transformed into a stunning home. I got regular updates such as ‘Debi, we have railings!’ accompanied by pictures of the extended and now ‘safe’ deck.

The day arrived. I drove to their home which was filled to the brim with happy people. The brides were very informal and this was a great wedding. More like a family and friends party with an added extra. I love those!

We decided against the spot chosen for the ceremony as [you guessed it] it was raining persistently. So the new deck was christened in a very special way. And, yes, it had railings. The yard was tented off and the seating protected from the rain. The food was excellent and the company was good. What more could you want ?

Congratulations to you both!

Juliet and Juliet


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