Winter Weddings…outdoors?

I have just booked a wedding with clients who love the ocean and the outdoors but wanted to get married in March, in Maine. Never one to be daunted by any requests from couples, I of course agree with much enthusiasm.

In this location in March you can expect several things, it’s going to be cold and wet. Whether that’s from snow or rain we don’t know yet, but the likelihood of one or the other is almost 100%. Craziness? Not at all. Everyone who lives locally has adequate clothing to pull this off. We just have to be well prepared. All the guests have to be informed that they WILL need to bundle up for the ceremony. The reception is indoors, so they need layers. I suggested to the bride that faux fur in white would be a great idea, and that the length of her dress should be considered carefully as a long gown will drag in the snow or rainy ground. Boots are a good idea.

The location is 70 miles away from my office so blizzard conditions will have to be prepared for. What if I am simply not able to drive to the location due to the weather? Being prepared will cover that too. Worst case scenario the couple will be there the night before with their families, so a stand in will be recruited and the ceremony totally scripted and laid out for them to follow. The wedding will go ahead as planned and then the legal parts will be done in my office where the time crunch is not so crucial. I can of course, supervise the ceremony via telephone. Isn’t technology great?

So I’ll keep you posted on this one as it is going to be a lot of fun to pull off well.


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