A really pleasant surprise!

I was completely surprised and very pleasantly so, when I opened my mail today. A thank you card from a couple whose wedding I officiated back in June of ’09. I had wanted a really good photograph of the couple and of course being ‘in’ the ceremony does not allow me to take pictures of it.

They very thoughtfully sent me a couple of pix and I would like to share them with you.

I really like this photo because of the way the bridge suspension reflects the line of the train on the dress. Now you can see why I wanted a pic…LOL.

I usually stand to the side of my couples so that they are fully in view of their friends and family, I’m not in many of the photos for this reason, but then, who wants to look at me when there is a stunning bride to ooh and ahhh over. Jen’s hair is just spectacular…what a lucky lady.

What more can I say.

Thank you Jen and Tom for your very thoughtful gift.


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