Ahhh Spring!

You can smell it in the air. Everything starts to feel bright and youthful, and it’s no wonder that thoughts of the future pop into our heads. What better time to start planning your wedding? Inspired by all those colours peeking through the snow.

Don’t forget to choose your officiant early enough in the planning stages. It may not seem important, but the longer that you leave it, the narrowed the choice of officiant. I know my appointment book is one third full for the following year by December, so that only leaves me two thirds of my appointments for bookings. One third will fill by the end of April, and the final third by July for those fantastic fall weddings. So if you want a last minute wedding, it pays to start looking for your officiant as soon as you are able.

In  most states the license is good for 60 or more days and once you have it in your hand, start calling round for availability. You should have a rough idea at least of which town and around what time of day you want to get married, so that’s nearly always enough to secure an officiant. Hammer out the small details later, but don’t forget, if your family talk you out of the elopement/intimate ceremony and into a larger one, let your officiant know. There will usually be a small increase in the price of the ceremony as the logistics change dramatically. Keep them informed.

Have fun, enjoy the inspiration and celebrate this great experience!


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