Wedding at the Bedford Village Inn

What a great day it was! I had been looking forward to this wedding all year. The bride was my main contact, and after an initial chat on the phone, she decided I was a good fit for their needs. We spent a quiet 6 months with an occasional email, then it was time to start ramping up a little. I sent out a little reminder postcard, and the game was afoot!

The photos I am posting here come from their photographers page at

After spending some time working on the ceremony, we finally had a completed format. The couple were a pleasure to work with and made my job easy. Mostly they only needed to add a few personal touches, we reworked it to flow smoothly and that was that.

The day arrived, bright and sunny with the promise of not too hot, but just right for the task at hand. I drove up to the venue an hour early as I had not been there before and I do like to get my bearings. What a lovely place. Easy to get to right off the highway and so green and pretty. They certainly have the country village inn atmosphere sewn up. I recommend that you visit for dinner some time, they have a Tavern ;-p. I located the space set aside for the ceremony and walked it out, checked all my spacings and walkways, then scouted around the rest of the venue for restrooms, water, etc. Once I was well acquainted with the space, I went back to my car to relax, drink some water and read the ceremony over one last time.

Nearer to the time I had arranged to meet with the groom, I visited the restrooms, tidied myself up and made sure all the personal grooming [including bug spray] was taken care of, then I changed into my robe and went to meet him.

We talked through the ceremony and placement [this couple opted for no rehearsal with me] and I co-ordinated with the DJ/sound tech and the photographer. This venue has a Day-of co-ordinator who is very helpful and that made things run smoothly. We agreed on all our cues and placements and settled down to watch the guests arrive and take their seats.

On cue, the bride arrived in the gazebo with her entourage and the processional began. This venue has several gazebos which allowed the bridal party to start in one and walk down a vine covered walkway to another, and then a small walkway into a sunken garden with a large fountain. It does give a nice feel to the processional.  All in all a very elegant undertaking. Once arrived at the altar, the couple took their vows and friends gave readings and blessings. I pronounced, and we were done! A very relaxed, elegant and well executed wedding. I love those!

Congratulations to Stefanie and Rob!


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