Happy Halloween!

This weekend was quiet for me, and a welcome chance to get caught up with things around the house. I was on standby for another minister who had become unwell and might not make the wedding and rehearsal they had scheduled. We went over the cerem0ny together and I was to be ready to go at a moments notice if he could not make it. Luckily he was well enough to carry on with the ceremonies as he had put a lot of work into them.

This meant, besides manning my phone and having things printed and packed, I was off the hook from booking anything else, mini vacation! Or so I thought. In actuality I worked myself silly. My aim was to throw all medicines and foods, herbs and spices away that had passed their expiry date. All the things I use for herbal remedies and obviously storecupboard goodies etc. At the end of two days I had 5 trash bags of items to throw away.

I want one of these. It's an inflatable church!


At this time of year I wind down the weddings as the weather here is very unpredicatable and winter weddings don’t really kick in until March. This is fabulous for me because I use this time to update all my ceremony sheets and freshen my candles, incense, holy water etc. Work on blessing the cords that go into my handfasting items, and gathering handmade silver charms from my craft sources. It’s a very productive time of year.

It even has pews

Bookings start flowing in for next year, and the fun and excitement of planning all those ceremonies starts now.

On a whimsical note, you will see several pictures of an item I would love to own. We have all seen bouncy castles at kids parties, well this is the church equivalent. Imagine your backyard wedding on a rainy day, being just fabulous inside a popup church. The inside is complete with stained glass windows and pews, and there is even an inflatable organ. I can’t decide whether it’s a great idea or just kitsch, either way I want one.

Being inflated

It suits my personality to no end, the idea of turning up, inflating my church, performing the ceremony and deflating the church prior to leaving. Vicar in a Box, anyone? How fun.

I will be saving my pennies diligently.
I have a lot of baby blessings at this time of year, and of course funerals, but the one or two indoor weddings are always lovely with the themes available from now until Spring. Let’s face it, in New England it’s always a good time to get married, the colour schemes nature provides are spectacular and it’s a good excuse to get creative.
As for next year – June is almost full, July, August and Sept started booking, so please don’t delay with your inquiry if you are interested in booking.  Enjoy the weather and stay safe.

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