Fabulous winter weddings (via Exciting holiday, weekend & wedding locations)

 Fabulous winter weddings Romantic Winter Weddings There is no doubt that choosing a beautiful Winter Wedding is the cheaper option, with potential money to be saved on wedding venue hire and also guest accommodation, honeymoon bookings out of peak season, and the potential to exploit decorations already in place in your chosen wedding venue around the Christmas festive season! Quite possibly you have dreamed of a romantic winter wedding full of snow, but if you live in m … Read More

via Exciting holiday, weekend & wedding locations


One thought on “Fabulous winter weddings (via Exciting holiday, weekend & wedding locations)

  1. I went to this stunning castle Hattonchâtel Château earlier this year on our summer vacation to Europe and I must admit that it is a hideaway castle with a magnificent view over the valleys and the small French villages.

    The suites very made in the classic castle style and the en-suite bath rooms were huge and up to date.
    While we were at the castle 4 wedding couples were inspecting the location because they wanted a destination wedding. In addition we saw a Danish film crew viewing the location because the were going to film “The Celebrities at the Castle” for the Danish television.

    When we dug more into the history of the castle we actually found out that an American Lady by the Name Belle Skinner rebuilt the whole village and the castle for her own money just after the 1. world war where the Germans had bombed the place.

    What a remarkable place – irrespectively of you having a romantic castle wedding in France or you just staying at the castle over the weekend.

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