Yoga is good for Brides [and Grooms]

You can feel the tension creeping up on you. Your wedding that at first seemed so simple to plan, has become a bigger and bigger pile of tiny decisions that will impact the day. Right from what kinds of flowers do you want, to where to sit Great Uncle Arthur who will upset everyone he speaks to?

Yoga is your friend. Don’t panic, I don’t mean the ‘bend yourself into a pretzel because it’s good for you’ end of yoga, but rather the stretch, relax and breathe version. Add in a couple of weights, and you will not only be relaxed but also improving the way you look on your wedding day by setting just a little time aside each day.

Read the article below for how to make the most of Yoga with weights.

Yoga with weights is easier on your schedule than you may think and well worth the sacrifice of your time. One workout will inspire you to do the next because the workouts feel good and you get so much in return for the amount of time you put in.

Unlike a running and weightlifting session or a trip to the gym, a yoga-withweights workout takes only a tiny bit of your day. The timesaving factor shows up in many places:

  1. You get a full-body workout in the same time it would take to work out only one body part in the gym.
  2. You don’t get as sweaty and tired, which means you can perhaps skip a shower if you do the exercises at work.
  3. You can work out just about anywhere; you don’t have to take the time to travel to and from a gym or yoga studio.
  4. You can practice your breathing and relaxation techniques during your coffee breaks or while you’re stuck in traffic.

If cutting a full 20-to-30 minute slot out of your day to exercise is still too problematic or requires you to juggle too many appointments, you can divide the 20-to-30 minute workout into halves or thirds. For example, do the first four exercises in a workout in the morning and the second four exercises in the afternoon. When you come to a lull in your day — you know, one of those sluggish moments when you’ve finished one task and can’t decide which of the numerous other tasks needs your attention — open your yoga book and do a single exercise. If you’re a mom or dad at home with the children, sneak off for a minute or two throughout the day and do one exercise. Your mind will feel clearer, and by the end of the day, you’ll have completed an entire workout.

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