November’s Flower – the Chrysanthemum

November’s flower, the Chrysanthemum is a hardy beautiful flower that withstands the fall and winter gloom. Often used by florists due to their long-lasting nature and charm, the Chrysanthemum is perfect for November bridal bouquets, holiday decorating and your garden.

Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colours, the most popular and widely available being white and yellow. These useful blossoms have been cultivated by the Chinese for over 2000 years and are considered one of the four noble plants in Chinese culture. They are native to Asia and Europe and are the national flower of Japan.

Seen as a symbol of the sun, the flowers were named with the Greek words for “gold flower” – chrysos, anthos. Chrysanthemums were traditionally placed on graves in Europe to being light and sun to those who had passed. Still popular in funereal arrangements because of their warm meanings, they have also come into their own as a very sought after flower in fall and winter bridal bouquets, holiday decorations and of course, long-lasting gardens.

Chrysanthemums are a perennial flower that will not fail to delight gardeners and brighten up even the gloomiest of gardens. They love full sun, good drainage and compost and will bloom well into late fall and sometimes early winter depending on the region. They do bloom with the moon cycle and the longer nights of fall, so gardeners have to be careful not to place them in an area that is well lit in the evening as it will confuse these complex buds.Read more at


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