Destination weddings in the UK


As I am originally from the UK, I highly encourage visits to my homeland for my new countrymen here in the USA. There are so many beautiful historical sites to visit and so much so soak up in the UK. Some major historical venues are now becoming available for events such as weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs. I find this to be a wonderful thing on many levels. For one I so enjoy my couples having an unique event, and combining that with my passion for historical surroundings and you have the perfect combo!

Looking for a fabulous destination wedding that you will talk about for years? I am now working with various venues in the UK to help provide that for you. One of the destinations to consider is to book a country house location for that special day. You could go urban and book at the Brewery..or have a Country Inn experience and visit the wonderful scenic UK countryside. Why not include a tour of Historic Monuments. England is just one big historical theme park! Scotland and Wales are bubbling with fabulous views and tempting tales. Castles galore.

Worried about the logistics? Don’t be. I am working with several organizations and with some one on one vendors in the UK to take all the planning and stress out of your destination wedding. All you have to do is choose, book, and enjoy! Watch this space for more information.

The options are endless. Drop me an email to learn more.



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