Create your wedding cake online

Wedding cake

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there are some sites that offer tools to design your wedding cake online via an interactive widget. I’ve looked at these widgets and find that it’s not really that easy to ‘design‘ a cake with the tools but you can play around with a few basic ideas. Colour palette is limited and who wants just flowers on their cake? Some bakeries do have tools on their websites where you can manipulate design options, but be sure you want to buy before you complete, as these are usually linked to their checkout options.

The ‘perfect wedding cake game’ at is designed as a game for girls, but it can come in useful for getting those creative juices flowing.The colours as should be expected are probably brighter than most would like, but it is a game after all. have a great widget where you can design your cake, print it out and take it along to your bakery to have it made. It’s a cute little tool to help you picture what you would like, but of course the real flourishes are done with your cake designer at the bakery. Have fun!

Designed by the Bride offer this one it is very basic but has it’s uses too.

Stuck for ideas? Check out you are bound to find something you like on there. Pictures of wedding cakes abound.

Armed with your cake ideas you will be better able to communicate to your cake designer what you are aiming for and hopefully some of the stress will be reduced. I’m all for taking the ‘ding’ out of weddings.


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