5 Questions With Kevin Cotter: Wedding Dress Destroyer

5 Questions With Kevin Cotter: Wedding Dress Destroyer.

It’s a toss-up between Juice Strainer and Litter Box Liner. No, I’m not talking about my least favorite chores around the house. I’m just trying to determine my personal favorite use that Tucson, AZ resident Kevin Cotter has found for his ex-wife’s wedding dress. And it’s a tough decision…

After their divorce last year, Cotter’s wife left behind her wedding dress. Unsure of what he should do with it, he brought up the subject at a family dinner. “You should wipe your ass with it,” was the first suggestion he received — from his brother. While that wasn’t quite the solution he was looking for, it did prompt him to start formulating a list of funny uses for the dress. Somewhere between Matador Cape and Grill Apron, the idea for theMy Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress blog was born……


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