Nailing the [Wedding Vendor] Meeting

Nailing the [Wedding Vendor] Meeting.

By Guest Blogger Madman from The Groom Says

Working in the events industry in New York taught me one very important thing about grooms: we can sometimes look like total idiots.

For me (I confess) it’s football. Put me on a panel where football is the topic of conversation, and I will excuse myself to use the restroom and never be seen again. I have no clue who had a great season, who had a disastrous season, or who’s been out all season with a torn groin. I know that Brett Favre showed his manhood to a cheerleader and is retiring for the umpteenth time, but that was on TMZ for god’s sake. So when I know I’m going to be in a situation where football knowledge is expected (the Super Bowl, for instance), I do the research. I memorize the who’s who and brush up on stats and practice some unintelligible cheering………………….


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