Robbie and Laura

Dimillo's Floating restaurant

Image by ananawa via Flickr

I consider myself to be very fortunate in being asked to share this day with Robbie and Laura, two truly wonderful people. I had been looking forward to this for most of the year. Held at Dimillo’s Floating Restaurant in Portland Maine. Topside of the boat and right there in the beautiful harbour.

The rehearsal had been a little windy as it was later in the evening, but the day dawned bright and sunny with just a light breeze for the wedding. I arrived early to check if things such as candles and photos would be safe from blowing overboard, and that all the small details were in place.

The decor was naturally nautically themed, a lot of very tasteful shells and small silvered crabs. I was glad to see a fair scattering of mermaids too! There was a small wedding cake to be cut, but the guests were all being treated to scrumptious cupcakes iced with blue waves and topped with white chocolate starfish and seashells.

The ceremony itself was simple and elegant, with a small tribute to those who have passed by lighting a candle and placing it before a framed collage of those we were honouring. Laura was one of those brides that looked like the paparazzi would be popping out at any moment to catch her image for the presses. If the designers of her dress had seen her in it, they would all want photos for their next advertising campaign.

Glorious location. Super people. Heartfelt ceremony. It was a joy to be there.

Congratulations Laura and Robbie!


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