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Can I ask you a favour?

Ahh, the eternal quandary – wedding favours. Should I? Will they? Won’t they?

Since this post by Annabel, I have been a thinking about the concept of favours. I shan’t reiterate the history as Annabel has already eloquently described how the idea of the wedding favour emerged.

Oh how these are one of the many minefields when thinking about one’s wedding. So please, these are just my thoughts upon the subject.

My wedding was a little troubled (perhaps more on that in the future if you’d like?) by snow and distance and I was incredibly grateful by the effort my friends and family made in trying to get to us. Some made it as far as York and had to turn back. My Auntie was snowed in (for two weeks!) 30 miles away. People really did try. I was going to thank anyway but this made my favours even more important to me. However I am abundantly aware that they are not for everyone.

I’m sure not everyone loved our favours. I know I loved curating them. The original idea was to send everyone a hidden compartment invitation. That is to carve out the inside of the book and glue the pages in such a way as to conceal an object. However, after it took almost a day to make one I realised this was not a viable option even for 40 invitations. We had a small wedding. I also realised that the books I had been collecting were beautiful. Some had the most exquisite words and drawings and it would have been a travesty to destroy such treasures. Thus our favours were conceived. I searched high and low for books which reflected the personality or name of my guests. From eBay to Albris from Newport, Pembrokeshire to the Midsomer villages. Oh yes, I left no stone unturned. I searched high and low for the perfect book.

One of my very Conservative friends received “The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism” and loved it! Another who was about to travel around the world was given a gorgeous illustrated “Around the World in 80 Days.” I spent many an hour writing sweet words of thanks in each these little books. I truly hope my loved ones will treasure their favours for years to come. I think they made perfect little placecards with the rather ubiquitous baker’s twine in grey and purple. It made my heart rather happy to see them all on the tables together. (Finally!)

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