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Walking in your dress…

Walking in a wedding dress is a little different than in the store. I recommend really moving around in the store. I know it’s lots of fun to check yourself out in the giant mirror and yes you will look good in it! However, make sure you enjoy your day and know what you are going to have to deal with. Princess dresses are stunning in pics but they can weigh up to 25lbs and that is a lot of dress to carry around for 10 hours. For most dresses, a “kick-step” will do the trick. Give a little foward kick before you step and you won’t get caught up in the dress. Again, have a little practice session in the store while you have it on. Make sure you are comfortable enough to walk around all day in it.

“Oh, That’s what that loop is for…”

Most dresses have a loop sewn in so you can hold the dress up while walking. Use it, it helps!

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