Jon and Gina, October 14th 2011

Event held at the Mile Away in Milford, NH, one of my favourite places to go. I love the simple elegance of their country setting and the small homely touches which make it obvious that this is a family run venue for family style events. Go check out their website for some great photos.  The herb gardens looked stunning even this late in the year.  The plan had been to brave the elements to make good use of the gardens, but it was not to be. Luckily every eventuality had been anticipated by the very efficient staff and everything was moved in to the tent. I really have to mention here the ingenious use of an antique wedding dress crafted into a backdrop for the ceremony to continue the elegant feel albeit at a moments notice. Kudos to the Mile Away team for seamless coordination.

Even the down pouring rain could not dim the radiance of this bride, and her groom had eyes only for his stunning wife to be as she made her way towards him.  There were tears as the vows were taken and a big breath needed before the final pronouncement. All in all, a great wedding. I wish you many happy years together.

Congratulations Gina and Jon!


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