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Life is tension.  Without tension, there could be no life.
Too little tension or too much tension interferes with the
process of life in the same way a string of a guitar interferes
with the melody when it is either too loose or too tight.

Bruno Geba

Sometimes when rehearsing or planning your wedding the tension seems to grow and grow. Not only between you and your vendors, but also your family, friends, even your partner. Then you may feel guilty for ‘giving them a hard time’ or being unfair to them. This leads to more tension.

If your wedding was not special there would be no tension. If a family was not an unique collection of individuals with lives of their own, there would be no tension. If planning a wedding were simple, there would be no tension. If small children were robots, there would be no tension. If there were no tension there would be no melody. Keep your song melodious by enjoying some of the tensions and by getting rid of the stresses you have created yourself.

Take at least 5 minutes every day to spend time alone and just relax, let your thoughts focus inward, and remember why you are going through all this. Make a small ‘anti tension’ box or even a collage. Take small items that have meaning to your relationship and when things get too stressful, bring them out and focus on how each one came to be precious to you. A collection of theatre tickets, snapshots of you together, the ribbon from a gift, the box your engagement ring was in. After looking at these items reflect on what’s important on your wedding day. Getting married!


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