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Wedding Date Astrology 2012

Astrologers have been choosing wedding dates for what seems like an eternity. The Chinese astrological tradition goes back to the Bronze Age Shang Dynasty. Ancient Roman astrologers, twelfth century Jewish mystics, advisors to Turkish Sultans, and seventeenth century English consultants all selected lucky dates for their clients, family members, and even themselves. And surprisingly enough, the basic rules governing this over 2000-year tradition have remained virtually unchanged throughout the centuries. These time-honored tips can help any bride choose a wedding date on her own. The astrological influences of Mercury retrograde, Venus retrograde, and eclipses can be challenging, but they’re easily avoided. Longer-term astrology influences are part of the fabric of the time.

Don’t be upset if you’ve already chosen a wedding date that has one of these demanding influences. There are ways to work productively with the planetary energies, and awareness of a possible difficulty is always helpful. Longer-term and more committed couples should do better with potentially problematic astrological influences, as they’re already used to working at their relationship and know how to adapt and adjust to one another’s needs.

Mercury Retrograde:

March 12–April 3, 2012

July 15–August 7, 2012

November 6–November 25, 2012

Venus Retrograde:

May 15–June 26, 2012

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