Laura and George

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An intimate wedding ceremony held in Meredith, NH in a wonderful room overlooking the water. The fireplace crackled merrily as the surprisingly warm November night sounds from the waterfront came in through the open french doors to the balcony. The Church Landing is part of the Inns at Mills Falls and is a beautiful location, even at night.

“I cannot say what I would wish for you and your marriage.
All of your dreams in life are your own and shall be fluid,
ebbing and flowing from shore to shore
as you discover the nature of each success and disappointment.
I cannot wish for you to know no sorrows in the years ahead,
for to never know sorrow would mean
that you would never be blessed with anything worth while.
I cannot wish for you a life without struggles,
for that would mean a life without achievement.
Yet I can wish that all the roads you travel
and the feelings experienced along the way
shall make your marriage stronger through the seasons.
That your home and your togetherness
shall forever remain a place of sanctuary and renewal
That you share more joys than sorrows
And that your relationship continues to grow and endure and inspire
Today I wish nothing more or less
than all that you hope and dream for yourselves.
And that it last for a lifetime.”

Congratulations George and Laura!


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