Wedding Shower

What a fantastic brunch! I was fortunate to be invited to a wedding shower by one of my brides. That’s not something that usually happens, but I was very happy that it did on this occasion. The family were all friendly, the location lovely and the food was yummy.

We met at the Westford Regency Inn, Wesford, Massachusetts. The same venue will be the location of the wedding itself, so I was able to time my travel and source the best parking spots etc. This will come in very handy later.

I forgot my camera, so did not get any pics of the happy couple or the venue, but I was happy to receive one of the centrepieces from the tables which consisted of a white teapot stuffed with a tub of growing chamomile. What better way to have your own supply of delicious chamomile tea? I’m looking forward to THAT harvest :-). The favours were in the same vein, a tea mug filled with goodies. Trimmed with some spring green tulle, the mugs contained tea, biscotti, chocolate and some honey sticks. Perfect for a well-deserved ‘tea and a good book’ moment. We all know how precious those are. As a bit of a tea fanatic, I was very pleased with such creative gifts. I wish I’d been able to take a picture of the cake. In the same white and green as the favour theme, it was delicate and yet striking at the same time. Kudos to the Aunt who created the heavenly ‘french toast’ yumminess.

It was truly a privilege to be included in this day. I am grateful to everyone involved [gotta give a shout out to Amanda for doing such a great job on organization] especially those at my table who made me so welcome.

The wedding is in June, so watch this space for more news of Justine and Josh and I promise to get pictures this time!


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