Does Your Ring Bearer Have Paws? That reminds me

Does Your Ring Bearer Have Paws?. Click here for the article.

I saw the title of this post and it reminded me of a wedding that was a marriage between two existing families. The young man who was the middle child of the new family, but the eldest of the bride’s children, was earnestly telling me that he was ‘upset’ that his mom was not having a ring bearer.

He continued on lamenting his woes, and I listened for a while, trying to explain to him that not all weddings had a ring bearer. I then asked him why he felt so let down that he was not going to carry rings. He replied that he really, really wanted to wear the costume.

After a pause, and a rapid brain spin for me, I realized that this young man had misinterpreted the whole thing and thought he was missing out on being a ring BEAR. Trying not to grin too much, I explained that he would still be stuck in his regular suit in that position, at which he was much mollified……I, however, laughed for about a week. And I am, apparently, still amused by it.

I saw this headline and the whole cute scene came back to mind in a flood. So I expect to be laughing for one more week at least.

via Does Your Ring Bearer Have Paws? that reminds me.


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