Marriage Ceremonies

I am extremely well versed in many spiritual traditions and pride myself in creating a unique ceremony that encompasses the needs of all those involved. My specialty is blending interfaith elements into a seamless event without favoring one path or another, and yet respecting both.

image0-004Many of my couples come back to me when their children are born and we develop lifelong friendships that celebrate all their spiritual milestones. I’m honoured to be considered part of so many families lives.  From offbeat to traditional, your ceremony should reflect who you are as a couple. We can take traditional elements and bring them into your modern ceremony or we can write one to suit your needs. Game of Thrones? Super Mario? Hunger Games? Medieval? Handfasting? Wine ceremony? Sassy and quirky or simple and elegant. You choose.

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” Dave Meurer

What is 538694_420300274672201_1704021076_na typical ceremony? There isn’t one. Yes, there are elements that are common in all ceremonies. Processional, Welcome, Readings, Vows, Pronouncement and Recessional for the most part are the most obvious. In my humble opinion how and where those things happen are completely open for inspiring and creative customization.

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Baby Blessing/Naming

Custom ceremonies to welcome a new life into the family. Gentle and relaxed rituals performed either in your home or a venue of your choice.240638_10151254115708385_451133443_o

Ceremonies not only for newborns, but also adopted children and blended family. How meaningful it is to have a personal gathering to mark the blessed event. Family are not always born, sometimes they are found.  These ceremonies may be incorporated into your wedding to celebrate the creation of not just a married couple, but the making of a brand new complete family. Devote a small part of your day to all those around you in your household. Particularly beautiful for those marriages that bring existing children into the fold. 


Sand ceremonies are a greatly visual and wonderful way of celebrating family. Small vials of coloured sand [one colour for each participant] poured into a larger vessel in turn. Each person can say a few words describing what they like to bring to the family unit. Qualities such as laughter, love, artistry, humour, excitement, music, etc. The sand is poured in and when each family member has made their contribution the resulting pattern in the larger vessel is the pattern your family makes with their own individual selves. Each as unique as a grain of sand and now inseparable from the others making up that pattern. I aim to create a ceremony that leaves a lasting feeling of the sacred trust given to those who raise children.


Celebration of Life ceremonies that encompass the sharing of love and support of family members via a respectful and customised memorial service. Share and rejoice in all that was remarkable and memorable about your loved one. Let us celebrate their life in the old tradition with the telling of stories and laughter.