Laura and Joe

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One year and a day had passed since their handfasting and it was time for the vow renewal. Their family gathered at their home and I joined them for the celebratiions.

For this occasion I made a small piece of cord to match their original handfasting cords [photos to come] and as part of the vows I wrapped their hands with the original cord, keeping the knot intact, and then I ‘extended’ the cord by tying the new piece in. I had added a small silver sun charm to match the charms on the original cord.

I talked a little about the strength of their marriage and the significance of the re-commitment and then I asked the couple to repeat their vows together, rather than one at a time, as this is a joint ceremony in a continuation, rather than a vowing to come together as a wedding would be.

It was a rainy day, but we stood under the canopy and enjoyed the sounds of nature and the feel and smell of the spring herbs that are showing their faces. A very joyous occasion and best of all, I get to do it again next year!



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