Home and Family-directed Funerals

Empowering families to reclaim the sanctity of death through the provision of in-home funerary rites and caring, personal end of life guidance.

Did you know…?

  • A body may lie in honor and be cared for at home; there is no legal requirement that the body of a loved one be held at a mortuary.
  • Embalming and refrigeration are optional practices that are not required by law.
  • Legal documents may be prepared by family members or other agents, and do not need to be handled by a funeral director.
  • Families may transport the body of their loved one to the crematory or cemetery directly, and do not need to rely upon the services of a mortuary.
  • Families may make the casket for their loved one.
  • Each year in the United States we currently bury approximately:
  • 827,000 gallons of embalming fluid30 million board feet of hardwood caskets2,700 tons of copper and bronze, and1,636,000 tons of concrete vaults

(Source: Mary Woodsen of the Pre-Posthumous Society of New York, 2003)


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