Handfasting cords.

Due to many requests that I have had, I will be providing hand-made cords for the purpose of tying the knot!.

Blue Moon Handfasting Cord

I will take pictures of each one that I make so that you have ideas to work from. The cost of the cord will depend on the materials used in construction and how elaborate the design.

The completed ceremony and braided handfasting cord

The cord that you see on this altar is a completed braid, and the ceremony was over. The colours were chosen by the couple and you can see in the middle is ‘the knot’ that was the binding for their marriage. There is a loop left on one end for hanging and the other end is left with extra length for the addition of the bell. More pictures later.

Cords can be made from many materials and in many sizes. Here’s what I need to know

  • What colours do you need?
  • How many cords are you using? Usually an odd number, traditionally 5, 7, 13. Can vary. Can be just one cord if you are just wrapping the hands once, can be many cords if you are having the wedding party drape them. the more cords needed, the thinner they should be to facilitate knotting and braiding.
  • Faith specific? A Christian hand wrapping may use different symbols to a Pagan one.
  • How long do you want it? Depends on how many wrappings with the one length.
  • Do you want blessing bags attached? Each little bag made to match the intent, and tied into the cords by family/wedding party/children/parents or whomever you choose. For example, Red bag with damiana, rubies and sun stones for Passion.

A custom made wedding dreamcatcher is also available if you wish to twine your braided cords around it once the ceremony is over. These can vary in size and cost [of course] and can be made to match your colours, but they are better in white.

Also available: hand made ritual robe cords and bridal cord headdresses or girdles. [an old tradition wherein the Bride has a cord tied around her waist by her father or other escort, and the Groom gets to untie it on the wedding night.] Simple, symbolic and purposeful.

All items are made and blessed according to the needs/intents/blessings of the ceremony.

5 cord knot with triskele

2 cord simple gothic knot

simple 3 cord braided

Contact me for more details.


8 thoughts on “Handfasting cords.

  1. hi, this lookes lovely, i love the sand in the vases, what is that called, i’d love to do something like the sand when i get wed x

    • That is a Sand Ceremony. It has the same symbolism as a unity candle but it is excellent for outdoor weddings and for blended family ceremonies. Basically the symbolism is the joining of two or more persons into one unified family. Each person should have a different colour sand, and takes their turn making a vow as the sand is poured into a main vase/container which will be kept by the family. In the picture here, the family had special containers etched with each family member’s initials and their crest on the main vase.

  2. I would like more information about pricing for the handfasting cords. We plan to have a handfasting ceremony in our wedding and each of the bridesmaids, maids of honor, groomsmen, and family will be putting one cord over our hands and bestowing a wish upon our marriage that the color represents. I am wondering if you would just sell the cords that are not woven together to me and either allow us to send the cords to you to have them knotted in that celtic knot at the end or send me instruction on how to do it myself after the ceremony. How do those blessing bags work and how big are they if one is attached to each cord? Assuming I want to have them on each cord as well. Thank you for your time.

    • Congratulations on your marriage! 🙂 I can certainly do that for you. The basic cost is $30 US for a simple knotted cord. If you need custom bags etc, it can be a little more, depending on how many cords, bags and any additional knot work, charms added, tokens attached etc.
      How many cords would you need in total? I would also need to know the ‘wish’ that is being bestowed, so that I may select the relevant colour for your cord. The blessing bags are about half the size of a muslin teabag, but can be smaller if needed. Usually the bags would be knotted into cords as the ceremony is unfolding. I’d be happy to work with you on deciding what you need. Please email me at your convenience.
      Rev. Debi

  3. My fiancé and I are planning our handfasting for the 12th may this year, so im looking for a unique handfasting cord. Can you help please? BB

    • Hello, and congratulations!
      What colours would you like and what sentiments/traits are you looking to put into the cord? Please email me at debi@revdebi.com, we are cutting it a little fine with the mailing times to the UK to get it made and shipped, so we need to work on this asap. ~ Debi

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