Andrew and Corinne, September 2010

What a great location for a wedding! The Mile Away Restaurant is in Milford,New Hampshire and is a little off the beaten track. I have to say that the staff there are friendly and helpful and the location is just stunning. As I waited with the Groom before we walked out, I busied myself identifying herbs that were growing in abundance all around us. I picked little sprigs of mint to put in my iced water. Very refreshing on such a hot day.

This couple were so easy to work with that it was a pleasure. We had written the ceremony to follow traditional lines but after the ring exchange we performed ahandfasting. We had several members of friends and family come forward and give a blessing to the couple, and then walk up and bind the couples hands with a cord in a colour that represented the sentiment of the blessing. For example –

“There are not many things in life so beautiful as true friendship, and not many things more uncommon.”

I bind you with blue to symbolize the friendship you have found in one another. May it be the foundation on which your marriage is built.

We had six cords to wrap and once each had been bound I tied the final knot and then made the pronouncement and gave the blessing. It was a beautiful ceremony and as always I felt very honoured to be part of some an important day in their lives.

Congratulations Andrew and Corinne!


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