Krissy and Trevor – part three

The day of the wedding dawned bright and sunny. I went downstairs to the cafe for breakfast and bumped into the groom’s parents who invited me to join them. I took a leisurely breakfast with some great conversation, what better start to the day than  that. I really enjoyed their company and felt lucky to have been afforded that time to get to know such a great couple.

I found out that they are relocating to Germany for a while and I wish them much happiness in their great adventure together.

The time for the ceremony drew closer and I went to

look at the preparations for the reception area. I was dying to see the cake, and I was not let down. I loved it! Also the scrabble guest book and the edible lego favours made me smile. Have you ever seen such a fun wedding cake? I would hazard a guess that’s a no.

The ceremony began and everyone was calm and relaxed. As part of the gathering we were performing a celebration of the family as a whole by using a Sand Ceremony. We had ten people pour their sand into the flask and as they did so, they reflected on what they brought to the family unit, such as, music, laughter, silliness and adventure. It was a poignant moment for all concerned. [I have to note that ‘excitement’ chose the brightest orange sand. How apt!]

As a surprise to the couple I had taken the liberty of adapting my preamble wherein I usually talk about marriage and what it means, and the commitments that are being undertaken, I felt that this couple should have a unique twist on the norm.

At this point I would like to talk a little about marriage and what it means in your lives.
Often as you face the day in the Mushroom Kingdom that we call life, you will wonder what that day will bring to you as a couple. What barrels will come your way, that you have to jump? Will today be a Peach of a day, or a Daisy of a day? Marriage does not exist in a vacuum and it takes the help of friends and family to make it work. We know that without Luigi and Yoshi, Mario would have a much more Bowser of a day on a regular basis. So don’t be afraid to turn to those you love when needed. After all, who knows where the next power up will come from? In every cloud there is a silver lining, in every challenge there can be a fire flower or a starman. Appreciate the blessings where you find them. This is your one life together, enjoy it and may it feel like each day is the result of a 1-up mushroom.
And so the happy day continued. The ceremony was over and Krissy and Trevor, their family and friends and all those present were glad to see that the Mushroom Kingdom once again once safe. May your lives ever contain such joy and game on!
Congratulations Krissy and Trevor!

One thought on “Krissy and Trevor – part three

  1. 10/27/11: Just read this story-line, what fun! Thank you for sharing your impressions with the family, an unexpected delight. A very special day in our family to see our son so happy and to receive a new daughter and her parents into our family.
    Parents of the Groom.

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