Krissy and Trevor – part two

The rehearsal. As the wedding was to be in Plymouth NH, the couple very kindly booked me a room at the Inn so that I may share their rehearsal dinner and not have to travel home afterwards. The Common Man Inn at Plymouth was the venue, and I arrived early to check into my very comfortable room before heading out to locate the couple at the designated rehearsal meeting spot.

What a beautiful setting. The drive up to the Inn had been lovely and upon arriving I certainly was not disappointed at the location.

Bright and sunny the Inn nestles at a junction in the road right next to a country railroad track.

The staff were welcoming and the rooms were cool and a nice relief after the hot sun. I gladly parked my items on one of the two beds in the room, freshened up and went to sit on the lovely verandah to await the rest of the rehearsal party.

Everyone duly arrived and the rehearsal was a fun time. Luckily there was another wedding planned for that spot the same evening so we were able to make full use of the tent that had been provided, and this shaded us from the very intense sun and made it all that much more comfortable. Afterwards we headed into the Boiler Room restaurant for the meal. I have to say that often it’s hard to eat with relative strangers, but with this family it’s impossible to remain a stranger for long. The bride’s lovely parents were welcoming and warm and the groom’s parents were calm and dignified after what had been a very long trip for them to get to New Hampshire. It was easy to see what elements had made the couple who they are today when you looked around at those closest to them and realized that they fostered an open and loving outlook on life that is very hard to find. Truly these were two families where love was nurtured.

Krissy and Trev, sorry, I just had to post these two pictures, they still make me laugh.

More later.

Part three ——>


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