Renee and Jennifer, Oct. 2010

This wedding was at the Martha Mary Chapel which is part of the historical   Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA. If you haven’t been there, go! The Inn provides great food, the grains for which are processed at their own traditional grist mill, and they provide 15 minute carriage rides for their guests. [small fee]

There is a lot of history to the buildings and the area, which I won’t go into, but I do highly recommend that you check it out for yourselves. I love venues like this because as an Englishwoman in the USA, this is all fresh to me, and every time I am lucky enough to be called to officiate at such locations, my heart leaps. I had to play sightseer, of course. Luckily I arrived almost 2 hours early.

I checked on the location and got my bearings, took my equipment to the chapel and then had a whole hour to explore.

The chapel is spacious and filled with light. There is a large space at the altar and the pews are well spaced. There were flowers in fall colours which looked beautiful against the wood and the white painted pews.

The pianist and flautist were there ready to set up, and we discussed the best location for them to do so. [sidenote, these people were so good that I asked to sign up on their mailing list for performances, more info later]

We performed the ceremony which included a handfasting, and there were many tears amongst the friends and family members. One thing I must mention about this couple is the fact that they have the ability to ‘make family’ out of everyone they meet. Each time I have met them I have been impressed at their integrity and kindness of heart, and the informal rehearsal at their home turned into ‘dinner with the family and some fun afterward’. Their small son M. acted as ringbearer in a most dignified manner and had a smile that could warm the coldest heart. The bridal party left in the horse surrey that the bride had arrived in, and the guests departed for cocktail hour at the Inn.

I was honoured to have been invited to share this meal with them on this day of days in their lives [again the family feeling] and I happily followed along. They had chosen a form of recording their guests in a manner that I found wonderfully unique and apt for the fall. A canvas with a tree trunk painted on, and the date of their marriage, some ink pads and stamps with leaf designs. They had us stamp a leaf on the tree and sign our name on the leaf. What a great idea!

All in all this wedding was totally unique to this couple. From the ceremony to the reception, and of course Renee, Jennifer and their son M.  I loved every moment of it, and was truly blessed to have this experience. Thank you all.

Congratulations Renee and Jennifer!


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